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Default Re: Doctor Strange Casting Poll **NEW**

I voted for Viggo Mortensen and Benedict Cumberbatch. I feel like there both great and strong actors that can definitely pull it off.

Side Notes: People have said it hundreds of times, I'll say it again, Johnny Depp could maybe do it. Like someone else said, just please do not have Tim Burton directing it. Mark Strong is a possibility but, like Jason Isaacs who I could also picture in the role possibly just looses me because I think of both as villains. They just sound like villains and look like villains and remind me of past villains they played. Especially Isaacs since he gave one of the best villain performances in The Patriot. Adrian Brody I can see as the actual doctor but not as Strange. Joel Edgerton is just to buff and rough sounding. Liam Neeson has gotten to old. Christoph Waltz....could actually definitely, possibly pull it off, the only negative is his serious German accent. I have not actually seen The Artist so I can't judge Dujardin, I can only go off appearance and reputation, and by that he seems like he could pull it off but again I can't really say for sure.

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