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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
What's so lame about it? Is Scarecrow's fear gas lame? Why does he need a mask to inhale painkillers? It would make much more sense, because the Venom gave him his strength. It even made sense in Batman and Robin (though not the inflating up like a balloon part).
He needs the mask because he needs to inhale that medication 24/7. It's better to ask why he needs a mask when using Venom

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post
Anno the problem with that sort of vision , is you arent actually creating two movies. You're just expanding plot points , stretching one story to fit two movies. By the end of the first movie , you dont have a story. You have events . That would be like ending Godfather part I when Sollozzo is whacked or something. Or ending Barry Lyndon when he marries the countess. Being bigger doesn't mean two motion pictures.

So , if there is two movies , the blueprint needs to be completely different than Rises , mostly because this is constructed to be one movie about Bruce , his journey , and how everything in the story reflect of his conditions. If you cut the 2nd part of the movie , you don't have a thing. Just a bunch of stuff glued that make no sense by the end of the movie. You have a tv episode. .
You need to expand one story to have two parts. Harry Potter was essentially one huge story to be told, and The Dark Knight Rises needed to be just that, one huge story. Breaking of the Bat and Bane taking hold of Gotham City in one part, then the second part is the deconstruction of Gotham and the rehabilitation of Bruce. Can't see why one would want two separate stories of a two parter finale, lol.

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