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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

Originally Posted by josh8 View Post
I can understand being upset about dropping Havok and Banshee without explanation (I really do think DOFP will make it clear that it was just a case of people moving on), but the X2 to transition X3 is a weak comparison.

There's nothing similar in terms of the changes.

So Nightcrawler was dropped? Him joining the team and him not joining the team are both two logical outcomes.

There was a new president? Presidents changing are also a natural occurrence.

A Department of Mutant Affairs was created. Why is an explanation needed for this?

And we can't keep using the Avengers as this sort of holy grail movie that we must all compare too. (On a side note, I thought the movie was good when it came out, but honestly it's pretty fluffy and disposable.) Marvel used a different strategy since many of the characters are iconic enough to have their own movies (except for Wolverine, X-Men characters are not). They had MANY movies to set up ONE move with only 6 or 7 main characters. And they've only made ONE Avengers movie. We don't even know what the next phase will be like.

As for the rumors about X3... I did hear about talk of having Scott die off-screen. But in the end, it didn't happen that way so you have no argument there. I also never heard of them dropping Storm. The studio DEFINITELY wanted her in and even wanted to shoehorn in a romance between her and Logan.

Anyways, back to Havok and Banshee. I'm a huge X-Men fan (both comics and movies) and I don't have any problem with them not returning for the next movie. I really can't say who's opinion of casual moviegoers is correct, but I don't see them mulling over things like this either. The reason fanboys have such a bad reputation is exactly something like this. Caring too much (to the point of obsession) about the details that are not truly significant.

As for squandering characters... I think the Banshee and Havok characters were fortunate enough to be in even one movie. This is actually exactly like the comics. The B-characters join, but the A-list characters always come back to shine.
I think X-Men fans have been far more tolerant and supportive than you give them/us credit for. Many of us are still here, still on these forums and still being excited about DoFP despite dips in quality like X3 and Origins and the many other questionable decisions taken along the way.

Avengers is not a holy grail but it did do a few things right. Not cluttering up the movie with cameos/fodder. Not having one person dominate at the expense of everyone else. Not creating love triangles that were in favour of a dominating character.

I feel certain that they had planned NO explanation for the absence of the key characters Banshee, Havok and Emma and that they hoped no one would care or remember and those who did would be expected to write it off as being due to the passage of time. I also feel pretty sure that those making the movie don't like this debate over the confirmed absence of Banshee, because they hoped no one would bring it up or dwell on it. They were relying on us not being bothered about it. Is it good filmmaking to rely on people not really caring? I would say not.

You only have to see the comment sections online - where the hardcore fanboys want Marvel to have the rights back - to realise that there are frustrations. If there were no such comments being made, then your points might be valid.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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