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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

You could still see what Vader was thinking though, without the mask being taken off. In Empire at the carbon freezing chamber for instance. The look he gives Leia, pushing down Boba Fett's rifle, etc. He looks sinister, he's not emoting but you know what's going on behind those lenses.

Same thing in Return of the Jedi. Did we need any dialogue or eyes to see Vader look at the Emperor, then back at Luke, contemplating what he should do? Nope. And that's the beauty of it. A fully helmeted/masked character done right.

Another great one is V from V from Vendetta. Again, fully masked, you never had to see anything on his face to know what he's feeling or what's going on.

Green Goblin was sort of close, but they botched it by giving him the over expressive "Power Ranger" movements. Like where every gesture is sort of heightened and overdone. Spider-Man was kind of like that too in the first one, but he got much better in Spider-Man 2 and 3.

It could have worked with Bane, in the right hands. I don't mind seeing Bane's eyes, I thought that was alright but I didn't like that you could see his balding Mr. Clean head. They should have had some sort of cap or something that meshed well with the actual mask to hide the fact that he was a bald dude. Then maybe have the eye openings sort of be shaped like the comic eyes but smaller, that Spawn/Bane/Venom/Deadpool shape. Then Hardy or whoever played Bane could have still emoted with their eyes and brows.

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