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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I think X-Men fans have been far more tolerant and supportive than you give them/us credit for. Many of us are still here, still on these forums and still being excited about DoFP despite dips in quality like X3 and Origins and the many other questionable decisions taken along the way.

Avengers is not a holy grail but it did do a few things right. Not cluttering up the movie with cameos/fodder. Not having one person dominate at the expense of everyone else. Not creating love triangles that were in favour of a dominating character.

I feel certain that they had planned NO explanation for the absence of the key characters Banshee, Havok and Emma and that they hoped no one would care or remember and those who did would be expected to write it off as being due to the passage of time. I also feel pretty sure that those making the movie don't like this debate over the confirmed absence of Banshee, because they hoped no one would bring it up or dwell on it. They were relying on us not being bothered about it. Is it good filmmaking to rely on people not really caring? I would say not.

You only have to see the comment sections online - where the hardcore fanboys want Marvel to have the rights back - to realise that there are frustrations. If there were no such comments being made, then your points might be valid.
I understand what you're saying, I just didn't agree with the X3 developments that you mentioned. Even if you consider that bad film-making, Singer is not to blame since he didn't make X3 (or Origins). And it's true, the Avengers kept it concise and for the characters that were the focus, they were all done justice. That's why I love Joss Whedon! It's just a different beast.

The loss of Banshee and Havok could be interpreted as Singer trying to trim the cast. I don't think it was solely his decision to bring the two casts together. Fox must have been a little disappointed that the "preboot" didn't catch on with everyone so they probably asked for Wolverine (and maybe others) to be included in the next outing. And I imagine that's how DOFP got brought into the equation. So now they're left to trim the fat, so to speak.

I just think you shouldn't be too hasty to just say things will happen without adequate explanation... again, adequate is up to opinion. You said it yourself that the 11 years could be the explanation they end up using. I would be fine with that as long as they tie it in to what Xavier had (or had not) been doing in those years with respect to the school.

And yes, there are frustrations... ranging from understandable to obsessive. I would interpret most as obsessive (when compared to a "normal" moviegoer, of course), but again that's my opinion so I do think my points are valid.

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