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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

Originally Posted by Mr. Joker View Post
Okay, the more & more I think about it, if someone had a mind just as warped as the Joker in this movie, they could actually accomplish what he did, or possibly do worse. What do you guys think?
The Joker in TDK was a clairvoyant, had an endless number of henchmen who didn't care that he randomly kills some of them and burned millions of dollars (how does he pay his fellow followers?). How could that happen in the real life?

Just think about the bank robbery in the prologue. Every thing has to work the exact way the Joker predicted it at the exact time - like the bus entering the bank exactly on time and the last of Joker's goons standing at the exact place at the exact second. This is ABSOLUTELY unrealistic. Which is okay because it's a movie. But in reality - no way. One single traffic jam, the bus arriving a few seconds too late - and Joker would have been a dead man.

The same with putting dozens of tons of explosives in a hospital or onto two ferries without anybody noticing. No way.

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