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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Originally Posted by Marvel View Post
See, just this news let's all the moronic venom spew even on a comic book site. Hopefully, Redford has nothing more than a glorified cameo, will get lost in the shuffle and a release date of next year will let things fade.

Whatever the case, it's certainly not going to cripple the box office by any means but it probably cut millions from the bottom line for no reason whatsoever. I know the mindset of which I speak. Obviously, some people don't understand the full scope of the political landscape. I usually look past such things for the most part when I make my entertainment decisions but a lot of people don't.

Party affiliation is fine and it really doesn't matter at all. RDJ, Sam Jackson and Scar-Jo can raise money for Democrats because they do so in good faith. No one cares and judging by the last election over half the country agrees with them. Different ideology has always worked to America's benefit. Most Conservatives know this is true. However, they do get worked up in to a lather by extremists like Redford, Penn, etc. When they promote terrorists or anti-American propaganda, people never forget or forgive such things. That will hurt the box office to a degree. How much is the question at this point. Too small to matter? Maybe but Redford brings nothing to the table but a negative at this point in his career. No film this century he has been in has been considered a hit. NONE.
"How much is the question at this point:"
....How about zero dollars and thirty-eight cents. 'Nuff said. Move on.


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