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Default Re: The Look of the Turtles

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
It would look too clunky. The characters are supposed to be able to move swiftly, and they range from lithe to bulky in their body types. CG is honestly the only route to go to get a realistic depiction regarding the action.
Oh? You've done the research? Invested in the R&D, have you?

I'm not even saying you wouldn't be right (although I don't think the performances in the original film's suits were "clunky". They could move just fine), but it's been two decades. I think maybe if someone tried they'd be able to make a different approach work. At the very least, they could try.

That's my point. We've gotten so lazy with CGI that it's not even worth anyone's time to attempt anything else. A practical element thrown into the mix might even be more mind-blowing now that our brains have gotten so accustomed to pixels... Again, the CG will turn out fine, I'm sure, but by no means is it the "only route" unless you (not you in particular) are just too lazy to think of anything else. It's less innovation nowadays, more "refinement".

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