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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do - Part 1

Originally Posted by milost View Post
I know the script of Dark Knight states that he's limping, but in the actual film I don't remember seeing his knee bothering him. Didn't he fall on his back too? He seems to run away just fine (same run and cape flow that he does when he's running towards avenue X at Cicero), seems like shortness of breath if anything else.

I always thought the reason he was so out of breath, struggling, and acting sluggish was because of that shot in the gut and fall (not to mention the beating he took). He's always holding his lower abdomen in the end, not limping on. Unless the cartilage just deteriorated over the time span of the 8 years.

If he had that knee injury since that night, surely Fox would have caught wind of it (Alfred and Fox probably talk like little old ladies) and have the knee brace for Bruce to use in those 8 years? It seemed no different or more technologically advanced than the pneumatic mangler he uses in Dark Knight to smash the gun barrel and rip through the Scarecrow's van.

Also, in some of the concept art, it shows the brace over the knee while he's wearing the suit. Were they originally going depict it like that? That would have been awful.
The severity of the knee injury is kind of sketchy. I mean, if it were that bad Bruce wouldn't have been able to repel down several stories to get to Gordon's room when he was at the hospital. This was all before he got the brace too.

Ultimately, I view the whole knee injury as more of a metaphor for Bruce's mental state. It was more mind over matter. I even think Bruce kind of over sells his injury at times, like when he's getting out of his car at the masquerade ball. Then when he's inside talking to Talia and even Selina he's got his game face on.

But yeah, it seems like they were throwing around the idea of Bruce having the brace on the outside of the suit. Thank God they didn't go through with it.

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