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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

Originally Posted by Mr. Joker View Post
Okay, the more & more I think about it, if someone had a mind just as warped as the Joker in this movie, they could actually accomplish what he did, or possibly do worse. What do you guys think?
The Joker is a fictional character and no one could pull off what he does in the film, but some aspects of his personality, madness, twisted spirit, dark charisma etc..., can be found in real life figure like Rasputin, Nero playing the fiddle "watching the world burn", or guru-like types like Manson, Jim Jones etc.
I thought it was interesting that the Joker in TDK borrowed some elements from real life killers or psychos, grounding him more in reality, while on the other hand, keeping the trademark theatrical, flamboyant, unrealistic characteristics. Great balance imo.

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