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Default Re: Thor: The Dark World Trailer Thread

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
Yes, I too want the emphasis to be on Thor himself. My point about Mjolnir is meant to be what they are together, since the physical blows/throws aren't just Mjolnir itself but also Thor's strength. I want to see Thor lift something extremely large but I'd also like to see some huge impact moves, which are the most likely to be done with Mjolnir.

As said I think I'd be less anxious to see that if I wasn't worried that they are trying to balance out The Avengers, with I think further bottoms down to that Thor hasn't exactly been used well by every writer that's written him. But hopefully the Thor movies will portray Thor as good as they possibly can and then it's up to Whedon to make that fit.
I'd love to see all of the Avengers at least slightly more powered up than they were in The Avengers.

Thor should have some strength feats, sure, but his should be different from Hulk type strength feats. Throwing cars and smashing through buildings is stuff I'd really only want to see Hulk do. I mean if he's lifting up a car to save someone's life then sure, but as a throwing weapon? Nah. I want Thor's strength to be shown in a more resourceful, unique and majestic way. Like say, some monster throws a giant boulder at Thor and then he just punches right through it. Thor's strength should look godly rather than beastly.

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