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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Originally Posted by Brain Damage View Post
I still think the fights in Begins were the best.
All 3 movies had really bad to decent choreographed fights IMO. It was just a lot less noticeable in BB and TDK.

In BB, you couldn't notice the bad fights due to the shaky cameras. Many people have problems with it but I think it was done as a style. I think Nolan wanted to leave what happens up to the audience's interpretation especially since Batman is considered to be something other than human by a lot of people throughout most of the movie .

In TDK, you couldn't notice the bad fights due to the darkness and shadows. Most of the fights happened when the lighting wasn't exactly bright and once again, I thought it looked pretty cool visually and was done as a style thing.

Then in TDKR, we see every single fight as clear as you can get especially during the scenes that take place at day time. Thus the bad choreography is clearly visible and there are no shadows or shaky cameras to hide it.

Nolan was pretty bad at action in my opinion, or at least action involving fights between Batman and other people. Lots of people complain that Nolan's Batman is not the martial artist of the comics but personally, I see that as less of a flaw of the character and more of a directing flaw. I think within the context of the Nolanverse, Batman was supposed a far superior fighter than what we saw on screen. It is just that Nolan is not able to direct good fight sequences. I mean, going by the fighting abilities Nolan's Batman displayed throughout the trilogy, he should be barely able to take on any person. Heck, he doesn't even look like he was trained by the LOS going by both of his fights with Bane.

I started watching the new Green Arrow show that airs on CW a few months back. I found it really sad that that show has better choreographed and more memorable fights than the fights in the TDK trilogy.

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