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Default Re: The mob - make it more intimidating

I think the best way to show Gotham's mob post Batman and Joker's first war would be to make it clear they have to make some exceptions in their rules about "freaks," but still have major rivalries and bias against the more colorful rogues. So a guy like Penguin can probably be portrayed as a trusted ally, Killer Croc and guys like KGBeast can be seen as dependable muscle, but otherwise the gangs hate masks.

Of course if they want to tie the Falcones to Catwoman, they could at least show Carmine Falcone with the scars and give him one of the disturbing "if I'm going down, I'm taking this city down with me" last stands.

Otherwise, their power and intimidation should always be a quieter and more sinister background presence. Batman should be shown helping the cops build a case and foiling their schemes when he finds them, but their organization should give them cover for the top dogs, the ones canny enough to survive in Gotham. But for sheer intimidation, I'd say the freaks should maintain the edge.

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