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Default Re: Doctor Strange Casting Poll **NEW**


This kind of casting prediction/opinion game is super fun..but tough! Because really I believe any of the actors on the list have the capability to really surprise us and knock Dr Strange out of the park. Therefore I don't want to say "so and so" is the perfect Strange when some other guy I dislike could blow me away. Look at Heath Ledger as Joker. Cliche example but it's one everyone recognizes as a surprise casting choice that was incredibly unexpected. So yeah...

That second Michael Sheen pic posted really hit me as "Wow. I'd love to see him as Strange." But I dunno he's pretty hammy in the Twilight/Underworld movies. Viggo is a TOP TIER actor and would be a huge get for Marvel Universe as Strange but I dunnop if his age and body type is right.

It's too hard! Let's just wait and see I suppose....

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