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Default Re: The Look of the Turtles

I'm totally in agreement that a proper blend between practical and post-production effects is always the best course of action. The problem is, 'proper' blend varies from project to project. A technique along the lines of Where the Wild Things Are doesn't strike me as working. The problem with suits is that they can be done, but likely too restrictive to make the turtles move like we've never seen before, and like we've always wanted. I also think of instances in which heads/faces are 100% CGI, but attached to in-camera bodies. Those have always struck me as too jarring to work. The other example I'd like to bring up is cases in which certain fighting moves are executed with a CGI double, when the remainder of that character's presence is in-camera. Blade II is the example I most typically point to for that. It is also apparent in recent superhero movies.

Bottom line, I'm thinking that, if CGI is going to be heavily present in executing the turtles, the least of all evils may very-well be doing them as 100% CGI mo-cap, which is what we're getting. It's not lazy, it's just appropriate.

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