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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

First time I've ever ventured out of the Arrow boards. Anyway, for me TASM wins hands down.

Read the first page and someone talks about how it's the worst movie and he's not Spiderman or Peter Parker, and feel exactly the opposite.

For me Maguire was completely miscast, and scripted badly. This new guy, he is what I remember from saturday morning cartoons. "Slow down doc, can't we just talk this over, your not thinking straight" while zipping through his legs. The constant quips during combat. Sitting in the back seat of the car when it's broken into. Playing games on his phone.

Just everything, he had the personality. He also climbed like a spider. You saw every single thing about him, from making the webs, taking the mask. You see why he always answers his phone, even when he's tracking lizards through sewers. That awesome scene on Gwen's balcony where his spidey senses kicked in. Then the Lizard, another saturday morning cartoon throwback, great choice for a villain, though I wish he kept the lab coat in Lizard form a bit longer. Either way it was very true to what I remember of Spiderman which is a cocksure, confident and sometimes arrogant guy.

And the best bit? He was vunerable. Every night he came home battered and bruised. This movie was real. I loved it. The other triology, to me, I just didn't enjoy it really.

Simply put if Maguire was Spiderman, the new guy was the Amazing Spider Man. Better wall climbing, better web slinging. He wowed me, Maguire didn't.

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