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Default Re: A little information about plot holes

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Do you know why it "doesn't work"? Because you sound like a fanboy trying to disregard actual plot holes.
I didnīt mentioned anything specific, so iīm not actually disregarding actual plot holes. Iīm just giving a generic information about what a plot hole is not. Maybe you like a plot hole to be perceived in the wrong way, so you can get away with any kind of stupidity you might want to say about the movie.

I will explain you what plot hole isnīt. For that, i will give you a simple example:

The thing about the police not having facial hair. Well, this would be a plot hole if at any moment of the movie it was established that the police never really received any kind of hygiene supplies. But that doesnīt happen in the movie, so it canīt be a plot hole. It can be something you donīt understand. It can be something you donīt like. But it isnīt a plot hole. Got it? No? I know

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