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Default Re: A little information about plot holes

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Do you know why it "doesn't work"? Because you sound like a fanboy trying to disregard actual plot holes.
I didn´t mentioned anything specific, so i´m not actually disregarding actual plot holes. I´m just giving a generic information about what a plot hole is not. Maybe you like a plot hole to be perceived in the wrong way, so you can get away with any kind of stupidity you might want to say about the movie.

I will explain you what plot hole isn´t. For that, i will give you a simple example:

The thing about the police not having facial hair. Well, this would be a plot hole if at any moment of the movie it was established that the police never really received any kind of hygiene supplies. But that doesn´t happen in the movie, so it can´t be a plot hole. It can be something you don´t understand. It can be something you don´t like. But it isn´t a plot hole. Got it? No? I know

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