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Default Re: Should the archenemy be first?

If you are talking Spiderman or Batman, then they shouldn't be used in the first movie if the movie is an origins movie. As someone else said, Joker and Goblin should be an end game boss that would crush a developing Wayne/Parker if they met.

But if you are talking someone with a much lesser rogues gallery, who perhaps has the villain as an integral part of their origin story, in that case it's kinda the best thing to do. Look at Thor and Loki, what else would really start off Thor well besides Loki? You could still do the "final fight" in part 3, but sometimes they need to be in there from the beginning.

With Amazing Spiderman I like the fact they kept Osbornes name dropping and I hope he isn't the villain in 2, but they continue the name dropping and perhaps have him appear.

Foreshadowing the big bad guy is good. Throwing him in from the start, not so good.

Also re: Batman, I believe Joker would have appeared in 3 in some capacity had the actor not died.

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