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Default Re: Discussion: The Economy, Fiscal Cliff, National Debt, And Other Financial Issues

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
Oh, I think they are totally interested in making money....AT THE TOP. The employees you see have a manager problem, they aren't held accountable for what they do.

At my Walmart, which has been one of the top sellers in the Walmart family for many years is also seeing some problems. As far as employees, you get what you pay for......I think they will have to learn that if you want quality employees you will have to pay for them......You do that by getting rid of stores that are just a drain on your bottom line and take that money and invest it in hiring top quality for your stores that are doing well. We will see if they learn that....
Walmart needs better managers overall and to pay people better. Until they do that, they deserve to lose money. When I worked there for about 2 years, even the dept managers dissed the higher up managers. Why? The higher ups sucked, that is why. Walmart needs a union or to get it's head out of it's giant arse, and pay people better.

Level 1 people: Cart pushers and janitors work hard overall. When I left nearly 4 years ago this May, pay started at $7.50. It really needs to be $8.50 to $9.00 starting out. Cap it at $10.50 or 11 bucks an hour. The CEO's, likely people who never worked hard, don't need 18 million bonuses.

Yes, I'm angry.

Originally Posted by mikey1974 View Post
I have to say I thought the "empty shelves/pegs" thing was just at my store,cause they constantly have empty shelves all over the place. now I see it's a system-wide issue. though,funnily enough, for lack of a better term there's a "hick" WM Superstore about 15 miles away from me near the woods that has the shelves ALWAYS full everytime I go there. was just there last Monday and the place is full.and it's not like no one shops there and the stuff doesn't sell. it's always packed,and they DO put new releases out on release dates. then there's mine,in a semi-decent location near the Interstate and right outside a city,and their shelves are always empty.

of course the employees at the one farther away are always nice and ask you if there's anything THEY can help you with. whereas the one in my town,you could be on fire and they won't put down the cellphone long enough to even look at you. like you said,you get what you pay for,and apparently the Hazleton Wal-Mart can only attract the dregs of the area.
You don't pay for what you get or however it goes. The walmarts that are poorly run have bad morale due to low pay and the managers. I worked at one for nearly 2 years. I should know.


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