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Default Re: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy vs Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy

I look at the DK trilogy as something like Star Wars; replace the Empire with the League of Shadows. The extent of the League's reach and influence gives the trilogy an epic feel. While BB visited more locations around the world, I felt like with each film, Nolan pulled the camera back on Gotham until we were given a sweeping view of the city in TDKR.

Spider-Man had the potential to be an epic, if Sam had decided to do more with Harry and Peter in SM3, while giving Mary Jane an arc where she's genuinely worried about Peter. I know she said she accepted him as Spider-Man and the risks that come with it...but experiencing the consequences of being his lover/wife and worrying that Peter wouldn't make it home after tangling with Harry or Sandman (A vicious gangster rather than a reluctant brute) would've been more interesting than her bad reviews in SM3.

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