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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
You are the sole person who even brought this up. If you hadn't we would not even be discussing it. I don't agree with Redford's politics any more than I'd agree with Heston's or John Wayne's. It a non-issue to me. I'm only concerned with how he'll help this movie be even better than it might otherwise have been.
I agree. I'm glad Redford was cast. Marvel's (the poster) post on this subject in this thread sent it off in an overly-political direction instead of discussing the awesomeness of having a Hollywood veteran as part of this movie who would've been perfect as Cap back in his heyday.

And I hope Redford does have a significant part and not just a cameo. Who cares about his political views? I certainly hope Evans gets the chance to act opposite Redford and that it isn't just SLJ that RR is interacting with.

Now if Kristin Scott Thomas came onboard, Redford and ScarJo just need to find one of these:

Anne Hathaway: "You did not just ask me that!! What a forward young man you are!!! My goodness!!"
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