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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
I agree with Gibson. Cruise on the other hand was never likable nor good in anything I've seen him so his disturbing weirdness is harder to forgive.
One word: Magnolia. Cruise is astoundingly great in it.

Other movies with a stellar Cruise: Collateral, Rain Man, Eyes Wide Shut, Tropic Thunder, Born on the Fourth of July etc.

He is also very solid and engaging in the straight action lead role.

I too am quite put off by him as a public person, but I will never get why some people don't like him as an actor. And from what I have experienced he gets most of his hate domestically. Here in europe I feel he is very loved as an actor.

But I digress. Redford is awesome and I think it's damn cool when old cool hollywood cats like him take roles in superhero movies.

Top ten favorite theatrical superhero movies:

1. The Dark Knight | 2. Superman: The Movie | 3. Batman Begins | 4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier | 5. The Avengers
6. The Dark Knight Rises | 7. X2 | 8. Spider-Man 2 | 9. Batman Returns | 10. Iron Man 3
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