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Default Re: Bane's place in the rogues gallery post-Rises

Nice idea for a thread.

I think as of now, there's still a disconnect between Bane's status in the movieverse and his status in the comics. It's pretty impressive that in only 20 years of his existence he's already been in two live action films (even though he was a complete joke in one of them). After Rises I would say his popularity is undeniably elevated in terms of the mainstream and now the mainstream knows that he's not just a dumb hulking brute.

But until we see him being used more in the comics and given more substantial storylines, I think he's always just going to be known as "the man who broke the Bat". Which is a nice claim to fame, but you can't be considered a top tier villain if your greatest feat was a one time thing that can never be topped. I'd like to see more of the military commander/revolutionary Bane in future Batman comic arcs. It'd be cool to see comic writers incorporate some aspects from the movie, maybe even the look too.

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