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Default Re: The Joker A Reality?

Originally Posted by Mr. Joker View Post
Okay, the more & more I think about it, if someone had a mind just as warped as the Joker in this movie, they could actually accomplish what he did, or possibly do worse. What do you guys think?
To elaborate on the topic, from the "Clockwork Orange" copycat assaults in England (which prompted Kubrick to ban the film for many years in the country), to the teenagers who went on a killing spree like the characters from "Natural Born Killers", and even the Aurora tragedy and the Joker reference, etc. unfortunately there have been examples of criminals or lunatics who seem to take some inspiration from movies. I remember a line in "Scream" where I think the killer said something like: "Movies don't make serial killers, they just make them more creative."
Interesting discussion that probably would need a lot of time to address more completely.

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