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Default Re: Psycho prequel series "Bates Motel"

Just started watching this today and caught up on the first 2 episodes.

Not totally grabbing me so far, and I'm still looking forward more to Hannibal, but moderately interesting, although at times a little too formulaic.

It's eerie how much Freddie Highmore recalls a very young Anthony Perkins. Vera Farmiga is good. The series does a good job suggesting the creepy incestuous undertones between them without making it too overt.

What's with the whole town being weird though? I hope they don't take that aspect too over-the-top.

I have bad vibes about the life expectancies of Dylan, Deputy Shelby, and Emma.

I suspect Sheriff Romero might be the serial killer chaining and injecting the girl. Shelby said Romero and Keith Summers grew up together, so maybe partners-in-crime?

The attractive popular girls being instantaneously so interested in someone as nerdy and awkward as Norman is a little far-fetched.

I was a little surprised they went that far with the kitchen scene in the premiere.

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