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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

Originally Posted by Manic X View Post
How can you guys be upset over not having Banshee, Havok, Emma, Riptide, Angel etc. in this movie? The teenage 'xmen' and hellfire club were the worst parts of First Class. McAvoy and Fassbender saved that movie.

DOFP is becoming more and more X4, and I'm loving it.

I won't speak for the others, but what I'm puzzled about (I wouldn't say I'm upset) is that if Havok and Banshee are not returning, then who are the X-Men in 1973? If Havok and Banshee were removed to make room for new characters, then it seems foolish to me that they'd go with introducing new characters rather than continue with these two. They may not have done or said much, but they were still part of FC and the audience must have some modicum of familiarity with them, much more than any new characters that would replace them.

Having said that, if a significant number of the future cast or younger versions of familiar characters join Beast, then, to me at least, Havok and Banshee's absence would be justified.

So basically:

A) Havok and Banshee out, new characters in
B) Havok and Banshee out, future cast in
C) Havok and Banshee out, Scott, Jean, and Storm in

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