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Default Re: Should the archenemy be first?

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
I hate the idea of "building up" characters once we get past this arbitrary origin stage. Batman's beginnings have been told in depth now, so it is time to move on from that. I'd love to see the next Joker right from the get-go. I don't believe that a movie superhero has to be built up to his/her arch nemesis for it to be believable that this "new" Batman could handle the Joker. He's Batman, fighting the Joker is just what he does. If you can't accept that, your problem.
The key thing you said there is "arbitrary origin stage".

Whether you like it or not, and I personally don't, Hollywood has found a formula that makes them a lot of money which is a) a triology (hate that myself) and b) rebooting the character from scratch.

The old classic Batman movie had Joker right off the bat. But Batman was already Batman.

The fact is, that unless Joker is in his own origin stages, a brand new just back from training Bruce Wayne would not be a match for him. Batman at the top of his game barely beats the joker.

So if this next reboot goes the way the new Spiderman reboot did and starts with yet another origin take (agree, not necessary, but quite likely) then I doubt we'd see the joker in the first one.

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