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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

I think this whole thing with the characters from XMFC is not that big a deal.

I personally feel that the main X-Men from from X3, including Rogue, is needed. They were the last remnants of the X-Men in that film, so it'd make sense they'd appear again.

As far as the Brotherhood go, for the future/present, I'm fine with just Magneto appearing.

Past, Just Magneto and Mystique appearing is fine as well. It's already been established in this series that they basically operate by the mindset that everyone else in there group is expendable. And they were the main focus of the Brotherhood anyway, especially in X2.

Overall, for both sides, its better just not to introduce new characters who have joined the X-Men or the Brotherhood since we last saw them. It benefits the story more to just have characters that we already know, so we can just jump into the main conflict of the film.

As far as the X-Men in the past go, eh, its tricky. Maybe they should have brought Havok and Banshee back, but we'll see. it all depends on the story. I don't think they will be necessary.

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