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Default Re: The Tommy Merlyn Thread

Originally Posted by godisawesome View Post
I'm thinking they'll subvert our Smallville grown suspicions and instead use Tommy to show just how far gone his dad is. If any -cide is going to happen here, I'm figuring it won't be patricide. I think Barrowmen's a good enough actor to be a recurring arch-enemy for the rest of the show, and it would be fun to see "Lex" turn good and "Lionel" rejecting him for not being evil enough.
Interesting idea. I was thinking of the idea of Tommy finding out his father was the dark archer and knowing the vigilante and other archer are enemies and knowing both are killers and both are trying to "save the city" but not knowing the extent of his father's plans. And then he has to decide who he sides with. And I'd have him pick Ollie. But I thought that might not be dramatic enough. So then there's the Zuko way. Have him confronted - Green Arrow on one side, Merlyn on the other. Both wanting him on-side (presumably because of affection, and not because he's useful). Then we could have him trying to talk down his father, maybe? Unsuccessfully, leading to Malcolm either reject or attack Tommy (either out of anger for the "betrayal" or just because he rates his plan more importantly)?

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