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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by Ant-manic View Post
because money isn't unlimited. because Edgar Wright hasn't given many details about his Ant-Man movie. because they've already eliminated Hank and Jan as founders. because maybe they want to add some other character. a company is making these movies. they are motivated by more than creativity and appreciation for canon.

why do you keep saying that as if it's a given. Wright might not use Hank at all. Wright's plans might change; ending any development on an Ant-Man movie. this wasn't Marvel's idea. they might haven't even considered it if he hadn't already had that pitch in mind. and what other elements are you referring to? there's no mention of Jan in Phase 3. the only A.I. we've "seen" has been J.A.R.V.I.S.

you do not have enough information to make that claim. it's as meaningless as saying, "Mandarin not having alien rings takes away from him." in each movie, they've drastically changed something. and all of these movies have been serviceable; despite the changes. the Avengers don't have a mansion. the Avengers don't have a butler. they didn't find Hulk in a circus. Rick Jones is nowhere to be found. Justin Hammer isn't an old british guy. Stane didn't drive Tony into the gutters. Nick Fury's a black guy. Hawkeye's not a carnie. this is its own universe. Ultron will be whatever they can market to the larger movie audience.

that's all he does in the books. only fans of Pym care about Ultron's relatively uninteresting daddy issues. everyone else just remembers Thor "having words" with it and Tony Stark transforming into a woman.

i wouldn't get your hopes up. they haven't even properly introduced Thanos. they might skip Ultron and go straight to Kang or Zemo.

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