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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
The Ultron story is resonant because it takes a generally good man, who happens to have a rather large inferiority complex, and deconstructs him completely. Marvel can't (and shouldn't, and won't) do that to their lead character, and without that element Ultron is just another evil killer robot.

It's not that it would be hard to tell an Ultron story without Hank, it's that an Ultron story is empty and weightless without Hank. Stark makes a robot, the robot goes bad, Stark helps the Avengers beat the robot. We end back on square one, we've told a story everyone's seen 100 times, and no one cares.
I only agree that Marvel won't deconstruct their lead character, because that's not what Whedon's about. But Stark Ultron would naturally be a deconstruction of Stark, not a weightless goon.

Originally Posted by InternetPeople View Post
I like you.

1. Is the MCU so convoluted that we need narrative efficiency? Are there too many characters occupying the MCU? Yeah, there's an easy story for Stark (no one should disagree with that) but is it necessary?

2. Marvel wants Edgar Wright because the like the story but if Mr. Wright didn't want to play by Marvel's rules and within Marvel's vision, then Mr. Wright wouldn't get the job. The MCU is Marvel's playground. They have a vision for how things will go. If Marvel doesn't see Ultron coming from Pym then so be it, but I think there would be a lot of furious comic book geeks and they will get really mad and, and, write letters or something.

I don't read the comics but that doesn't mean I want the MCU to stray too far from the comic roots. The reason the MCU works is because of the comic roots. Marvel can do what it wants with it's properties but why shoot themselves in the foot?
1) Not convoluted, per se, but it has the potential to be very busy. A storyline that can be done without requiring setting up another character is a better fit, in that situation. Is it necessary? That all depends on how Wright's Ant-Man is set up, so I don't know.

2) I agree, but Marvel's rules for Wright aren't reported to be 'it must lead to Ultron.' I think there will be furious comic geeks, [cue any comic movie, any change from comics]... but that doesn't last if the film is good. And if I'm right, and Ant-Man doesn't lead to Pym, much less Ultron, then Stark-Ultron starts to look like a very good idea.

I could be wrong in hindsight of course, but 'they did rewrites so they threw out the initial pitch' doesn't strike any logical chords with me.

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