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Default Re: THE WOLVERINE Trailer Thread - First Full Teaser Online March 27th

Will they show his father to be that of absorbing powers to try to make the film about fahters and sons and their logical relationships and illogical choices with each other, like sins of father go to the sons to make it very artistic and retro like other successful marvel film franchises have done.

Remember, bathar al ul wurg... that's the name of which these films all have to stand on whether it's for peace, posterioty or action. Action is only a means to try to bring violence to the screen. These films SHOULD argue for peace, I hope Wolverine finds peace in Japan and rests there. Lord knows he's probably wondering around right now wondering what to do as all the life arounds him passhes by with his unique immortality given to him by Adamantium metallics workings into his skull, bones, claws, sacrum and pelvis.

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