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Default Re: The Iron Man 3 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by jacobed View Post
It'll make right around 750-800 million. It won't make a billion and I don't think it'll even come close it. Unlike The Avengers last year or even Iron Man 1's great run this actually has big competition in the weeks following its release. The Avengers and Iron Man 1 had absolutely no competition for a while following their releases.
BS, Iron Man 1 had to compete against Chronicles of Narnia and Indiana Jones. Speed Racer was a huge flop, much bigger than anyone predicted.

A billion is really not a lot of money anymore, especially for a thriving franchise.

I can't really get a read, on Great Gatsby, but I'm betting flop. But it will be no 1 for two weeks regardless, and I think it will have a 150 plus opening.

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