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Originally Posted by superkong 500 View Post
Superman doesn't sell itself anymore, now there's ironman thor, the avengers, all filled with crazy action, hell spiderman used to be the SH golden boy on film but not anymore. WB can't lay back thinking the name alone will sell not specially after SR, The general audience doesn't care about supes they think of it as too old fashioned and action-less compared to the others. we have a guy who wears a robotic suit of armor than can fly as well as fight and has all kinds of advanced weaponry. They need to market this movie fast and they need to market the action aspect specifically to make the audience aware that this is a modern action packed superman.Because we know but we don't matter as much as they do when it comes to BO numbers.

WB needs to step up and build up hype for this, they have to remember that when SR came out(2006) there was no ironman or the avengers but now(2013) the game has changed.
Why the rush? soon as they release the second full trailer mid-April, people will be jazzed. In terms of making people (the general audience) aware that this version of Superman will be action packed, the TV spots will be very effective for that...those will come in May...

IMO they are probably planning or will be rolling out soon a massive viral campaign...

"There’s a viral campaign coming... like nothing you’ve ever seen, and not a one of you is prepared!!!" - ZOD

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