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They are all also 100% unknowns - the general audience, as in the people who make the difference between a flop and box office smash have NO idea what they are. A zombie film, a western at least 30 years out of awareness and a high concept robot film, all with little to no awareness.

EVERYONE knows who Superman is - all the marketing is focusing on is when it is released, which it will do AFTER all the other big films with the same audience come out first. WHY compete with another film if you have 6 weeks to play with with no other films in the way?

It's Wolverine that should have marketed better than this. 4 months to go, and then in 1 week 3 poor posters (1 a disgrace) and 2 similar trailers, with almost identical footage? Out after the big 2 comic book films, and before the next Avengers tie in. The last time I saw marketing like this was last years Dark Shadows. Yeah.

SR's marketing was poor because WB could not market it as an action film, or a clash of good vs evil, as neither happened much in the film. What we got was a nostalgia marketing. So far MOS is going in the opposite direction - we've already had 2 trailers promising a story AND action, even though we have yet to see one scene! THAT'S how effective this marketing has been on MOS - everybody is complaining and endlessly talking about wanting to see more action in the next trailer, and we've yet to see any!!!