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Originally Posted by mad-sci View Post
They are all also 100% unknowns - the general audience, as in the people who make the difference between a flop and box office smash have NO idea what they are. A zombie film, a western at least 30 years out of awareness and a high concept robot film, all with little to no awareness.

EVERYONE knows who Superman is - all the marketing is focusing on is when it is released, which it will do AFTER all the other big films with the same audience come out first. WHY compete with another film if you have 6 weeks to play with with no other films in the way?
Okay, I agree with you on the point about Wolverine, but disagree on some others.
Regarding the fact that everyone knows who Superman is. This is a trap that Superman Returns fell into. They saved it all for the end, plastered the everywhere, and figured that's all they'd need to do. You can blame the contents of the movie all you want, but Superman Returns lack of marketing was less about that and more about WB thinking people would go see a Superman movie just because it's a Superman movie.
It's not just about the "WHEN" anymore. Superman doesn't have the draw he did when I was a kid you really do have to convince people WHY they should go see it. WHY this is different than what has come before. The movie itself should show WHY Superman is still relevant, but you have to show that the movie will answer this question. Give people a reason to want to put their butts in the seats. It's going to take more than just 6 weeks. The first two trailers did a good job, but they need to keep the interest ramping up. Don't just let it die off and then try to build it up again in the 6 weeks leading up to the movie. Get people interested, show them why Superman is the best Superhero, and keep their interest until June 13th.

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