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Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
Then bring one of these topics up with a quality post and talk about it instead of just popping in and complaining about what everyone else wants to discuss.
I don't do it because I don't expect it to make much of a difference. This is the crowd that complained about a lack of new material a week after getting new material. I'm pretty sure it'll take more than me suggesting topics to get people to move away from complaining about the marketing.

But you know what? Why not? The Daily Planet. How would you like to see it modernized? Do you even want to see it modernized? Do you think Clark will be more of a reporter than a field reporter? Would you be okay with that? Why (or why not)?

Get a good discussion going and maybe we'll join in.
I'll hold my breath.

If you don't like the current discussion, the thing to do is bring up a new topic, not berate everyone.
I beg your forgiveness.

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