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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Stark doesn't have the same neuroses Pym does, nor the same positioning on the superhero social ladder. He's the big man on campus, very good friend to the other Avengers, and generally speaking he's not insecure about his status as a big celebrity - he's been a billionaire his whole life.

So yeah, you can tell a story about Stark feeling bad that he created this thing that became a villain, and maybe the other Avengers yell at him a little bit. But he'll come out the other side just fine, he'll patch up those friendships before the credits roll. That's the Stark they've established, and the one audiences like. He doesn't have the personality traits needed to be deconstructed the way Pym does, and he's not as expendable to the studio as a fifth-man-on-the-totem-pole Pym would be. You can't tell the story about this mistake destroying a very destroyable man, which is really what the Ultron story is, and the only reason to tell it.

If Marvel doesn't set up Pym, fine. Make a Kang movie or a Masters of Evil movie or even a Korvac movie. But I'm not really sure what the point of telling a far less interesting Ultron story is, just because it's doable.
Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
nail on the head. that's it
Agreed. I've made the point in this same type of discussion before that we've already seen the "Stark's tech being used against him" plot two times already (hopefully, IM3 will show us something new with Extremis and Mandarin in the mix). We've already seen Stark struggle with the guilt and responsibility of lives destroyed by his inventions, and we've already seen him conquer that demon.

To have Ultron be created by Stark could widen the scope of that same theme in terms of its worldwide effect, but the problem lies in that it would still be the same theme--it would not show us anything new about Stark or bring the character anywhere different from where he's been before. It would absolutely be more interesting to see Stark (and Cap and Thor and Banner) interacting with a much different man dealing with that struggle in a much different way.

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