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This movie is proof that The Powers That Be do listen to their fans. Its like they heard most of the complaints from the first one and made this sequel to fix all that. No stupid cybersuits and more believable action (aside from Snake Eyes mountainside fight with The League of Shadows) instead of the Die Another Day-like nonsense we got in The Rise Of Cobra. I just love the irony they were able to make a better movie even without most of the original cast returning. I look forward to a third film if they stick with the "realistic" approach.

Dwayne Johnson proved his worth of being an A-Lister. His charisma is amazing.

I was really shocked about
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Duke. I figured he'd show up at the end coming out of his coma following the explosion, but he didn't. He wasn't moving. He wasn't breathing. No one checks his pulse. Nobody tries to revive him. Roadblock is in damn near tears over his body before he takes his dog tags. No, nothing. He's dead, Jim.

Jayne has a nice ass. Jesus!

Bruce Willis was more John McClane in this than the recent Die Hard movie.

It was cool to see Walton Goggins make a cameo appearance.

Luke Bracey did good in his role which surprised me because I wasn't expecting
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Cobra Commander
to come back in this. His onminous voice is what Bane should've sounded like.

London getting fu**ed up was awesome!

My only gripes:

Even though there were Joes missing, they could've at least mentioned what happened to them.

I didn't agree with how Storm Shadow was booked.

No Sgt. Slaughter cameo again (legalities prevented his appearance)

Sienna Miller should've been in this.

No cliffhanger ending or post-credits scene.

Overall, if you like action movies, go see this movie. If you like GI Joe, go see this movie. If you liked the first GI Joe film, go see this movie. If you hated the first GI Joe film, go see this movie!

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