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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Please understand this, and don't flame! You wanna know why I, personally, keep being reminded of how silent MOS has been since December 18'th of last year??? It's because every_day, there's new headlines on the hype's front page - and that's cool. It is. But every time it's constantly for every other movie coming out this year BUT "Man of Steel" :-( Pacific Rim, KickAss 2, The Lone Ranger, Word War Z & After Earth, are all going strong at it. Trailers, posters, featurettes. You name it. ALL of which are movies coming out long after MOS. In the mean time, the same handcuff picture of superman has been released multiple times through varies sources, claiming it to be "new stuff" (so tiring). Also, the listed running time of 2:28 hours (as seen on isn't even official. We don't know if anything of anything is true, or not. It's ALL speculation. Multiple people claims to have seen the film and comments on it. But when all comes down to it we don't even know weather or not it's true, any of it. We know the film has been screened for some people, yes. But we don't know if those are the same people who's written about it on the net. Those could easily just be clever trolls and such. We just don't know. ON TOP of that, there was no Superbowl tv-spot. There was NO panel at wonder-con promoting the new film. And that's even though "Man of Steel" IS Warner-Bros biggest film this year, and Superman has turned 50, etc. (seriously - W_T_F!?).

The above written are all factors of WHY "Man of Steel" seems completely dead in its marketing at this point in time. When it should be headlining all over those other films.

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