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Default Re: Iron Man Hall of Armors

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
I'm glad that suit wasn't the "hulkbuster" suit. It made no sense from a MCU standpoint on why he would want to fight Banner.
Stark will most likely never end up fighting Banner because he wants to. It'll be because the Hulk leaves him no choice but to take action. It will be hard for Tony because he and Banner are close friends, but he'll do what he has to do to stop the Hulk if he's ever uncontrollable. Seems like a logical conflict to expect down the line.

The armor we see now will probably end up being modified and changed into the Hulkbuster suit in a future movie(TA2, perhaps?). Maybe Stark won't call the suit that out of respect for his friend, but I can imagine Thunderbolt Ross referring to it as the Hulkbuster.

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