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Superman is one of the most recognizable brands, we need to understand this.

Now don't mix things up, Recognized =/= Liked

You don't have to like something to recognize it. You might hate Superman or think it's boring, but you'll "recognize" it.

Now I'm supposed to follow these films more than the average guy, but in the beginning I really had a problem remembering "Pacific Rim" name. Now imagine what the studio needs to do to make the public remember and recognize this robots' film. With Superman you're already there.
Exactly. At the end of the day, marketing is to promote a film that you MAY watch. It doesn't mean you will. I am very happy to admit I have NEVER seen one Twilight film, even though they are marketed all. The. Time.

Early/intensive promoting is done to get people aware of a film. Ask anybody on the street. They KNOW who Superman is. The next level is to promote the date.

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