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They didn't even need to release a trailer let alone two, they could have easily made their first and only trailer debut on Iron Man 3, nearly every member of the main demographic of this film would be exposed and informed of this films existance, then litter tv spots for the next month (may is finale month so viewerships are high) then you have your press junkets, late show circuits, endless articles and interviews, clips then if the film is good enough some reviews and pre screening tweets. All of that can be done in a month and a half and you'd get the same result as viral marketing and constant stream of photos and clips for 6 months (which it seems people here complaining about the marketing) if anything you might get a better result with the former, as you can always overhype and tire people out with constant marketing, especially if you reveal half the movie beforehand.

I'll just say what i said on the TDKR forums last year....some people are severely mistaking their own impatience and eagerness to see the film for a studio failing to market a film properly.

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