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Originally Posted by Bubonic View Post
No name was given to the element he created in this movie right?
Why is it that some people insist that it was Vibranium?
I'm no scientist but I can't figure out how a metal would power a suit in the first place, also how can you create something that has already exist?
Everyone knows Cap has a Vibranium shield, has had it since the 40s.
The biggest conflicts of Wakanda revolve around them having the biggest amounts of this rare metal within their borders.

Anyone have a clue?
I will answer your question with a question. Do you know how SOLAR panels work? Here is a hint; it takes a certain element in order to generate that electricity and it is Tellurium!
[B]I know I have a degree in Industrial Electronics and technology. :/ And can't get any such thoughts out of my mind since. My best advice never get into the field it is almost magnetic and you get trapped with no way out lol. As far as powering a suit actually I think it was a combination of elements as a viable replacement for a electrical-based core much "like" tellurium but could harness plasma-based energy or something similar to argon-based L.A.S.E.R, (probably different elements but same concept!) As for Vibranium (Hint the root word vibrate. does not exist that I know of. :/
But the one of the closest thing is Tellurium or Crystals used in electronics!

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