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Default Re: Fancasting for Ant-Man

Benedict Cumberbach as Ant-man/Pym - publically known as a brilliant scientist/inventor - privately, a size-changing secret agent - has freelanced once or twice for S.H.I.E.L.D but was deemed a poor candidate for the Avengers Initiative because of his pacifist leanings

Jamie Bell as a talented but low level thief/young father who is leveraged by Advanced Idea Mechanics to steal something Pym is working on; to use for sinister purposes, of course. entirely expendable to A.I.M. if there are sequels, he would be Ant-Man's eyes on the street and occassional thief.

Jan's in there as well; the daughter of Pym's wealthy employer. she may or may not have already been upgraded into Wasp in this one. she may also have already reached out to S.H.I.E.L.D behind her boyfriend's back; anxious to see some action. rich girl persona on the outside. tomb raiderish action hero and sleuth on the inside. i don't know who to cast, on this one.

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