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Default Re: Fancasting for Ant-Man

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
shouldn't this belong to the Ant-Man forum?
Also: Isn't there a thread like this already?

Personally I wouldn't be against a British Pym. Someone in his mid-30ies to mid-40ies
I believe you might be right. Didn't realize there was a whole Ant-Man forum. Newbie here lol. Maybe a mod can move it over there or something?

Ant-manic: Also, yea Bendict is a great choice for Ant-Man, I agree. Vote for him if you think he should play him though, don't just comment about it lol. Also, if were talking about Wasp I do have a couple names in mind for sure. My top two are Bernice Bejo(The Artist, even though I have yet to see The Artist still I hear good things about her acting, and she looks the part), and Morena Baccarin who's a great actress and if my dream casting were to come true it would be Simon Baker and her who have great chemistry together after she guest stared on an episode on The Mentalist once.

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