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Default Re: '78-'87 Superman series vs. '89-'97 Batman series

I still really like the first two Superman movies. I think they still hold up as a general thematic template for how to adapt superhero comics into films.

I still really like Batman & Batman Forever.

I felt Batman Returns had some glaring plotholes, like how the heck did the Penguin get the batmobile's blueprints, of all things? Pfeiffer as Catwoman was hot, but her origin was not hot. Too nutty and quasi-mystical. The Max Shreck addition made for too many villains. I didn't find him compelling at all. As for DeVito's Penguin, the choice to make him misshapen was... too bizarre for me.. biting people on the nose, ravenously eating raw fish, etc. It was just too gruesome thematically, for me. I did get a kick out of hearing a Rick James song being played at one point, though..

Despite the groans of bringing in Schumacher, I felt that Forever was a welcome semi-lightening of the series, certainly compared to Returns. Carrey really made the movie for me, and unfortunately Tommy Lee Jones didn't get to add much as Two Face. I would have liked a much younger Robin, but O'Donnell did fine enough I guess, as a college-aged Robin. The "holey (sic) twisted metal" line was stupid, though.

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