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Default Re: Bane's place in the rogues gallery post-Rises

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
Here something I was thinking about today but don't remember it being discussed to any great length - where Bane now stands in the the gallery of villains. There's no doubt pre-Rises Bane was at best a C-grade villain in the Batman universe, Knightfall was essentially his claim to fame but outside of that he never really hit any great heights again in 20 years of story telling. To add insult he was then lampooned in Batman and Robin as this brain dead mutant thug, destroying the credibility of the character to the wider audiences. So Bane languished as a C-level bad guy for a while in comics and animation until Nolan decided he was to be the villain in Rises. It came as a surprise to most of us, but the logic behind it made sense in that it gave Batman the physical threat he lacked in the series. On top of that it gave Nolan a chance to use a character that was reasonably unknown to the masses making him as close to an original villain as Nolan could get. So we get our first image which was a very different, and IMO, much better look for the character, a year later the film is released and whilst he never reached the same heights as the Joker it's a fair statement to say Bane still left a mark on the series regardless of how you view the movie. So the question is 9 months after the film came out - where is Bane's place in the Batman mythology rogues gallery now? He's been elevated, but I don't know if he's quite in the same league as Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Catwoman etc still. What do you all think?


Dovetail question: Should the comics/animation adapt what Nolan brought to the character?
Possibly because I only read the "major" Batman stories, the only Bane story (not counting the video game, B&R or TAS) that I know is Knightfall. So he probably ranks where he has always been since I first read some of Knightfall as a kid (and boy does it not play as well as an adult).

1. The Joker
2. Ra's Al Ghul
3. Two-Face
4. Catwoman
5. Bane
6. Harley Quinn
7. Mister Freeze
8. Poison Ivy
9. The Riddler
10. Scarecrow
11. Hush
12. Zsassz

So, he is strangely at the same level. Go figure that Nolan would end up using of all my top 5. I wish we could have seen Harley as well.

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