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Default Re: How old is Thor?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
They're aliens, remember? They age, so they aren't immortal. And how does Ragnarok work in the MCU?

OP was on point, "The humans think us immortal" means they are not. Thor and Loki are ~1000, though it clearly has no effect on them psychologically. They just learn how to do all their monstrousness over the years. Thor needing sustenance when not powered doesn't mean much, but the fact that they have banquet halls on Asgard does mean that though.

If Odin ages about ten years in 1000 years, then we could reasonably expect the natural lifespan of an MCU Asgardian to be ~10K years.

What's the alternative? He just keeps getting older and crustier forever? Aging = not immortal. When did Mom and Sif talk about Jane?
Thor's mom and Sif talk at the baquet near the end of the film. Were Sif ask Thor's mom how he(Thor) is and she responds he mourns for his brother and he misses her, the mortal.

And I think thats pretty much that's how it is, they only get old in appearance but there not really dieing. That's how I picture it at least. I think they'll only really die from aging if say Odin would have gave his throne to Thor, maybe Odin just would have died since he wouldn't really be needed anymore to guard the universe. Like his time was up. But they can be killed in say battle, which was what Loki was reffering to. Like I think he meant, humans think we can't die at all, even in battle or say a billion feet fall lol, lets test that theory cause he knows thats not true lol. That's how I read when when watching it at least.

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