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Default Re: How should Marvel make an Inhumans movie?

Originally Posted by MCU View Post
There is definitely one actor that comes to mind when you say silent, powerful performances....Ryan Gosling.
I was thinking Gosling for Iron Fist because he's the silent brooding type too but Black Bolt may actually be a better fit for him.

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Yeah, whatever actor manages to pull that off will be very impressive. Medusa should help get some of his nuances across though.

Also, I thought about the Kree, but I'm still not sure if Marvel has the rights for the Kree. And a big part of the Inhumans, besides being shunned by the Kree, is how they are feared by humans. That makes me think it can't/shouldn't be a cosmic-only film. However, without the FF, I'm really at a wall for how they will be connected to the Earth, other than there being some kind of fallout in A2 that causes it.
You're right about Medusa. Whoever they cast to play Medusa has to have great chemistry with the actor who plays Black Bolt.

And I think Marvel has the rights to the Kree(speculation because even though the Kree have origins with the Fantastic Four they are used a lot more dealing with other Marvel events than they are with the FF). Though they could also have dual ownership of them like with SW and Quicksilver.
And they can introduce them by either having them discovered on Earth or having them discovered in space by say Iron Man in his space suit.
I want to see a scene between Stark and BB where Tony is trying to figure out what he's saying and Medusa isn't there.

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